Grand Prize with a cash award of NT$600000 for director

Israel / Germany
Tom Shoval

Statement of the Jury: 
A film that portrays sorrow punctuated with flashes of humour. It shows not only the unique face of life in Israel but also a deep observation of humanity that is universal. Many film elements that seem to be opposed are bonded almost perfectly in this film.

Special Jury Prize with a cash award of NT$300000 for director

Baby Blues
Kasia Rosłaniec

Statement of the Jury:
Without cheap sympathy or skirting the surface of its story, this work has an astonishing ending that shows the conflicts in the relation between youth and fashion. The performances from the young actors are remarkable.

Special Mention


Michael Noer

Statement of the Jury:
A familiar gangster story, but one told with an explosive energy. From the actors’ performances to the technical details, everything in this film is of the highest standard. The director shows an outstanding control of the films’ tempo and his material.


Hsu Chao-Jen

Statement of the Jury:
Though not perfect, from the perspective of storytelling and mise-en-scene, this film demonstrates many unique qualities. Every small detail is covered in an unexpected way, making us look forward to the director's next work.

Audience's Choice Award

Sweden / Ireland / Finland

Mikael Marcimain

Non-Official Award
PIXNET Movie Blogger Recommendation Award


Slawomir Fabicki

Statement of the Jury:
The film sympathetically delivers family and social issues, depicting one mans journey into adulthood.

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