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The Winners of Taipei Film Awards List


Grand Prize
Best Documentary

A Rolling Stone

Statement of the Jury:

The film unflinchingly documents this unsettling family story through its calm, controlled and precise photography. It looks directly into the unsolvable dilemma at the heart of the relationship between the father and son. The film language is mature and shows a filmmaker whose aesthetics reach beyond simple categorization.

Best Narrative Feature


Statement of the Jury:

A well-executed attempt at a genre that is rare in Taiwanese cinema. The contribution from all of the technical departments is outstanding and provides a feast for the senses.


Best Short Film

The Coward

Statement of the Jury:

Within the limited scope of a short film, it presents an accurate portrayal of the issues of bullying among teenagers without pretension. The performance from the lead actor, River Huang, is especially outstanding.


Best Animation

On Happiness Road

Statement of the Jury:

This lovely, moving story is well-executed in its simplicity and fully expresses its local Taiwanese perspective. Its artistic setting and exceptional voice performance are especially noteworthy.



Statement of the Jury:

In only 6 minutes,this film bring us amazing cinematic experience,without any dialogue, the director capture the poetry of the world, just with a figure on a glass.



Best Director

CHAN Ching-Lin from A Breath From The Bottom

Statement of the Jury:

A fine achievement, that manages, in terms of its scale and scope, to contradict the expectations of a short film. From narrative to mise-en-scène, it demonstrates a high command of all aspects of filmmaking.


Best Screenplay

LIN Chen-Hao from Forever Love

Statement of the Jury:

ugh the script works with plot lines and scenarios that are nostalgic and often familiar, it nevertheless, successfully creates an emotional power that both captivates and moves audiences.


Best Actor

Jimmy WONG
 from Soul

Statement of the Jury:

This is a delicate and well-crafted performance in which the acting is subtle and minimal, expressing emotions through the tiniest of details to give the audience a progressive sense of fear.

Best Actress

LIN Yen-Cheng from My Last Homework

Statement of the Jury:

For an actress of such a young age, the performance is very composed, showing little sign of uncertainty. The changes of emotion are clearly registered. It is a performance that controls the tempo of the film.


Best Supporting Actor

TSAI Ming-Husan from A Breath From The Bottom

Statement of the Jury:

Through this energetic and authentic performance, the actor successfully achieves the feat of allowing audiences to identify with a character that is not initially or obviously appealing.


Best Supporting Actress

YIN Shin from The Will To Power

Statement of the Jury:

In this controlled performance that does not resort to stereotype, the actress conveys to the audience the subtle changes in the character’s psychology.


Best Narrative Feature

HUANG Shao-Yang from Together

Statement of the Jury:

This seemingly improvised performance is both naturalistic and vivid and delivered with a charm and energy that drives the film. It demonstrates an actor with an unlimited potential.


Best Cinematography

NAKASHIMA Nagao from Soul

Statement of the Jury:

The composition of every frame convincingly expresses the atmosphere and the environment of the film’s story, and successfully uses photography to reflect the power of violence and fear.


Best Editing

HUANG Kuan-Chun from A Rolling Stone

Statement of the Jury:

The editing is much more than simply the connecting of scenes. Rather, it demonstrates a precise control over the rhythm, the meaning and the power of time in each shot, to effectively present the perspective of the film.


Best Music

TSENG Si-Ming from Soul

Statement of the Jury:

Compared to the often excessive use of over-wrought music in many Taiwanese films, the music here is admirably restrained and appropriate to its story, assisting in the creation of the film’s chilling atmosphere.


Best Technical Achievements

Patrick CHOU, TU Dun-ChihWenders LIYi-Ning CHIANGOwen WANGPenny TSAI Pei-LingWEI Hsiang-JungCHAU Chi Shing, ChasCHAN Chi HoJohnny LINShaun SU from When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep

Statement of the Jury:

Across the range of technical disciplines, the team delivers with a maturity that is rare in Taiwanese cinema, and that successfully supports the director to create an outstanding work.

Press Award


Statement of the Jury:

The film captures the interaction of its characters with their living space in the city in a subtle way and with humor that is naturalistic. As such, the film effectively creates the processes of change in life through the most simple and mundane of thing.

Audience Choice Award

Rock Me To The Moon






Outstanding Contribution Award

Peggy Chiao

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