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2013 Taipei Film Awards calls for submission



The million-dollar "Taipei Film Awards" is the only competition organized solely for Taiwanese movie workers. As local films thrived in recent years, the competition has received growing attention and record-high numbers in terms of submissions. The 2013 Taipei Awards will begin accepting submissions from Monday, Jan. 21 onwards, and will be opening for online registration for the first time. There have been some revisions to the rules, such as redefining the short film category to no more than 45 minutes. Creators of feature films, documentaries, short films, and animations are all welcomed to submit their entries for the million-dollar prize!

Taipei Film Festival has been the strongest support to Taiwan's movie industry. Many of the films that were nominated for or won the 2012 Taipei Film Awards, such as GF*BF and Touch of the Light, not only carried forward their good reviews to generate NT$50 million in ticket sales respectively, some were even invited to be shown at film festivals around the world, to which they also received overwhelming responses. These two films were later nominated for the Golden Horse Awards at the end of last year, and competed head-to-head with the best of Chinese movies. GF*BF and Touch of the Light recently received multiple nominations in the Asian Film Awards, whereas Touch of the Light was also nominated for this year’s Berlinale. These were all testaments to the significance of Taipei Film Festival in promoting local films.

Organizers of Taipei Film Festival have consolidated the opinions raised by local and foreign judges over the last few years, and discussed in counselor meetings to conclude slight changes to the entry rules in line with international practices. The most crucial changes was: shortening the definition of short films from 60 minutes to 45 minutes.

Part of the reasons for changing the short film category was to align with international customs, and partially for the purpose of separating short films from feature films (with length more than 70 minutes), which involve totally different creation and assessment standards altogether. As for actor and actress awards, the names were changed to better distinguish from the Best Supporting Actor/Actress awards introduced in recent years.

To offer greater convenience, this year's Taipei Film Awards will be opening for online entry submission for the first time. Applicants may simply fill out entry forms online and send all relevant documents before the due date to Taipei Film Festival Organizer's Office to complete the entry procedures. Please refer to the Entry Policy for details on the entry criteria and rules of the competition. Entry to this year's Taipei Film Awards ends on Tuesday, April 2. The list of nominees is scheduled to be released in mid-May, and the winners will be announced during the award ceremony held on Saturday, July 20. For online entry and detailed rules, please visit: http://www.taipeiff.org.tw For entry-related queries, please call 886-2-2528-9580 ext 164, or email to award@taipeiff.org.tw.

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