Call Girl


Mikael Marcimain

2012|Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway|DCP|Color|140"


Date Time Venues Remarks Add to My Film List
2013/06/30 19:10 Taipei Zhongshan Hall
2013/07/03 11:00 Taipei Zhongshan Hall
2013/07/04 15:30 Shin Kong Cineplex 2

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★ With filmmaker's attendance.

▲ No English subtitles.


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A remarkable directorial debut that brilliantly captures the look and atmosphere of the decadent 1970s, Call Girl is a meticulous, slow-burning policier that effectively melds coming-of-age sensitivity with vast, sinister government conspiracy. The film recounts the true story of a pair of 14-year-olds who are recruited by a well-connected madame to become prostitutes for some of Sweden's most powerful figures.


Mikael Marcimain

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